How to write best instagram bio for entrepreneur

5+ Secrets – How to write Best Instagram Bio for Entrepreneurs

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What is up to everyone?

Today I am going to show you How to write best Instagram bio for entrepreneurs in just 2 minutes.

And these tips and tricks are 100% result-oriented, These 5 tips are very easy to apply. In fact, I and many people make a very impressive bio with these simple tips.


best instagram bio for entrepreneurs

Let’s get started…

Because Instagram bios are so important, not is it only your Instagram feed that gives

the first impression when someone goes on your profile,

But the Instagram bio is the first thing that someone sees and reads before they even scroll down to your feed.

That’s why in today’s article specifically, I’m going to go over the 5 most important

components of your Instagram bio,

And how you can optimize it so that you can attract more leads into your business.

Before I dive into the 5 tips that I have for you today, let’s just first talk about

Why having a solid Instagram bio is so important.

Number one, it’s going to be a really great first impression when someone goes onto your

feed, meaning you need to give people a reason why they should follow you,

Whether your account is a perfect feed for them or whether or not you have the solution to their problems. 

At the end of the day, very similar to a resume. Someone is not going to spend a whole day

looking at your feet to determine.

Whether or not they like your content or whether or not they want to follow you.

That’s why right from the get-go, having a very clear Instagram bio will help that person’s

The decision on whether or not they know if your account is perfect for them.

Not only this, when you have a very clear and captivating Instagram bio, it also has

the potential to get you paying clients as well.

Let’s just first talk about the first component of that bio and that is 

1. Edit name section for SEO

best instagram bio for entrepreneurs

What I mean by this is that this portion within your bio is searchable.

If you actually put your keywords within this section, if someone is searching for that

keyword, there is a potential that you’re going to show up in search.

That’s why if you’re just putting your name in this name section,

I personally think it’s such a missed opportunity because there are tons of people who don’t know who you are.

They don’t have an incentive to be searching Mrdigitalravi, Ravi fuleriya,


if you put your keywords such as business coach, fitness coach, or whatever it is that you think your audience might be searching for in the search bar within Instagram,

It’s going to increase the chances of them actually finding you because now your profile may show up within that search term.

Now moving on, 

The second component that makes a very strong Instagram bio is your

2. Why & How do you help?

best instagram bio for entrepreneurs

Now, this statement within your Instagram bio is so important because it’s meant to

communicate exactly who you help, how you help,

And even the results that you might give someone. Now, let’s take my Instagram bio as an example. 

In my niche statement in one line only I’m able to communicate who I help and how I help.

I specifically help online coaches and what I help them with is to dominate on social media and turn their followers into clients.

And in that one line when someone visits my profile, they’re able to understand what exactly

I do.

So for you, as you’re thinking about building a very clear and concise niche statement,make sure that you are super clear on whom you target, who is your target audience, who is your ideal client?

Not only this in your new statement, not only are you trying to cover your target audience, but you’re also mentioning the result that you give them or what you can actually provide to them.

Because when someone is stumbling on your Instagram account, they really want to know

what can you do for them? 

What can you do that will help them get from their point a to point B? 

And if you nail it just in that one line on your Instagram bio, then that’s going to increase the chances of that person wanting to follow you,

wanting to create your stories or wanting to engage with your content. Now, after you’ve written this niche statement,

if you find yourself having a little bit of extra space within your Instagram bio,


The third component that I have for you is to add

 3. Add a lead magnet

best instagram bio for entrepreneurs

 And what I mean by this, instead of just having your Instagram bio, having that one liner,

why not add an extra detail underneath whether it’s a fun fact about yourself or whether it’s an authority builder?

Let me give you some examples in my Instagram bio because I had extra space right underneath my niche statement.

I added a little detail that I have a YouTube and a blog  because many people

who find me on Instagram, maybe they don’t even know I have a YouTube channel ans a blog on Instagram.

So this is a really fun way to build my authority within the social media space.

And what

Tiana’s decided to use that space for is to highlight the fact that she is the founder of the Journal for busy people, a journal that she actually created and sells on Amazon and not only this, she’s also highlighted the fact that she’s a bestselling author.

This is another way to build her authority in this space.

If you have extra space, and you’re someone who focuses a lot more on doing Instagram

stories or maybe you’re someone who writes really engaging captions.

And you want to draw people’s attention to that, then this is also something that you might want to add in your Instagram bio.

Meaning you could write something like watch my stories just like Kristin has or you can direct people to read your captions. Another thing that Kristin has chosen to do with this space as well is give her three content pillars, 

put within her content pillars that she talks about mindset, marketing and metaphysics.

So when someone is going into her Instagram account, they know exactly what type of content

to expect from her.

So if you find yourself in a position where your niche statement is way too long or you want to build on it, this is also awesome space to do that.

Now, as you can see so far, having that niche statement is awesome, but if you’re maximizing

that space and putting in that third component where you’re putting an intentional detail,

it’s going to make your Instagram bio really pop and really showcase the multifaceted person

that you are.

Now moving onto the fourth component within your Instagram bio, and it is very simple,

but a lot of people forget to do it and that is adding

4. Add A call to action

best instagram bio for entrepreneurs

But basically, if you are someone that’s putting a link in your bio, you need to have a call to action with it as well.

A huge mistake that I see a lot of people making is that they put a simple bitly link,


But they’re not telling people what that link is about and many people, they’re very cautious of clicking links that they don’t know about.

That’s why by having a clear call to action pointing downwards to your link, you’re not only assuring your audience that your link isn’t sketchy or spammy,

But you’re also giving context to someone and giving them an incentive to even click that link in the first place.

Now, let’s 

Use my Instagram bio as an example. My Call to action is free resources, and the reason why I’ve chosen this as my call to action is because the link in my bio directs to,

My free YouTube content,

My website and

other links,

That I have, and I personally feel when I say free resources, it’s going to incentivize people to click on that link even more because who doesn’t like free stuff?

Now, another example of how you can craft your call to action is actually linking your call to action directly with your niche statement.

Let me give you another example of one of my students, Milli.

She has her niche statement where she says she helps women escape their 9 to 5 and launch their online businesses and right underneath her call to action says, learn how ?.

Basically what she’s done is that she’s created demand and desire with her niche statement and the obvious choice for that person who stumbled on her account is to click on the link,

if they’re interested in learning how to escape their 9 to 5 so that they can build their online businesses.

However, what you need to know is how you approach.

This can be infinite ways, but what’s most important is that at least you have a call to action within your Instagram bio so that you’re driving traffic to your external links,

which leads me to the 5 component of having an awesome Instagram bio and that is including 

5. Add multiple links in bio

best instagram bio for entrepreneurs

within your bio in the first place.

Seeing that Instagram allows you to put external links within your bio. It would be foolish not to capitalize on that opportunity.

So if you have a website,

if you have a YouTube channel, 

if you have a landing page,

That has your products and services,

if you have a

lead magnet, and by the way, 

if you want to

learn more about lead magnets and email lists, make sure you check out this video right here.

If you have any of these things, it would be wise for you to actually capitalize your

Instagram bio and include those links there so you can drive more traffic.

Not only this beyond just driving traffic to your other sites, it’s also important that you actually showcase more about you as a business owner or as a content creator.

When someone is visiting your profile for the very first time, they’re not going to be creeping you for the whole day.

That’s why if you’re linking to your website or any other sources that you have, it’s going to allow that person to get to know you a

lot better, more than they would just creeping you on Instagram.

Now if you have more than one link that you want to share, you can follow my example where

I’ve just created my own landing page where I put all of my links there.

Or you can take the easy route and use a service like link tree to make that simpler for you.


In that top section of your profile, there’s also your stories as well.

And I see a lot of mistakes that people are making within their stories.

So that’s why I want you to hit the notification bell because in the next article we’re gonna

talk all about it.

Having Instagram stories and leveraging Instagram stories is the fastest way to build now,

like, and trust with your audience. That’s why in the next article, what I’m going to talk about is I’m going to pinpoint all of the key rookie mistakes, 

That I see a lot of people making when it comes to Instagram stories.

So if you want to learn all about that, then make sure you hit the notification bell in the meantime while you wait for that article.

As always, guys, I appreciate you.

I hope you guys have a great day, a great

week, and a great life, and I’ll see you in

the next one.

Bye guys.


An Instagram Bio is a short summary of your username, or yourself and your business. In the Instagram bio, you can write 150 characters in which include Text, emojis, hashtag, links etc

Step 1.  Make sure your Instagram should be a business account.

Step 2. Your name should be simple and easy to search.

Step 3. Use a branded profile picture.

Step 4. Use your niche related keyword in place of the name section.

Step 5. Define yourself in one line who are you? What is the content you create? And For whom you create content?

Step 6. Add Call-to-Action Button.

Step 7. For Add multiple links use the Link tree website.

You can use link tree site.

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